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Blog Post Setting the Table for the Year of the Snake This Sunday marks the first day of the year 4711 in the Chinese lunar calendar—the Year of the Snake. And to get the new year... Blog Post Take a Trip to the Amazon This Weekend at the Museum See the giant-screen film Amazon Adventure and find out how one explorer's expedition to the rainforest helped prove Darwin's... Blog Post Sluggish Sloths Have Little Use for Balance The slow-moving sloth doesn’t have much need for balance. So its internal motion sensor, the inner ear, is deteriorating. Video Eastern Memories Narration drawn from the writings of a late-19th-century linguist create a provocative sense of contrast against scenes of co... Event Brain: The Inside Story SOLD OUT - Join us for a five-part introductory course exploring the inner workings of the brain. Five Mondays, November 7–December 5, 2016 | Sold Out Audio Podcast: Global Kitchen’s Smell (and Taste) the Roses Our sense of smell and how we experience aromas are influenced by a number of factors. In this podcast from Adventures in the... Blog Post July 26–27 Space Show, Your Sense of Smell and More This weekend, travel to the outer reaches of the universe, go deep inside the Earth’s crust, and see the world in astounding... Blog Post Decoding the Honey Bee’s “Waggle Dance” Honey bees use a series of vibrations known as the “waggle dance” to let members of the hive know when food is nearby.   This Weekend is Your Last Chance to See Mummies Don’t miss the Museum’s special exhibition Mummies and Origami Holiday Tree, on view through Sunday, January 7. Video Lust for Sight (La fureur de voir) An acclaimed director turns the camera on himself as he grapples with encroaching blindness. Video Casa Blanca A young Cuban man with Down syndrome grapples with new responsibilities when his mother falls ill. Blog Post Rethinking Home on Long Beach by Doug Sheer I can’t remember a time I didn’t love islands. I was born on one, lived on one for most of my life and even chose to work on...
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