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Database Requesting Data How to request detailed information from our collections database.   Digital Universe Digital Universe, a 3D atlas of the known universe, allows you to fly among the stars. Video Seven Million Years of Human Evolution An animated overview, covering seven million years of hominin evolution.   Developing Global Capacity NCEP’s work around the world has built lasting initiatives now led by local partners, established training programs hosted by local...   AMNH Expeditions.pdf   Article Frequently Asked Questions These questions and answers are based on currently available information and will be updated as the Gilder Center project continues... Educator Professional Learning Water Who owns water? Explore the relationship between our most precious natural resource and ourselves. Video Our Expanding Universe What's stretching space at an ever-faster pace? Blog Post 4/19 and 4/20: Butterflies and Pterosaurs, Plus Upcoming Highlights If this week’s winter throwback has left you longing for spring again, spend this weekend in the warm halls at the Museum. April 18, 2014 Blog Post Marcus Samuelsson On Jan 10 Museum Panel "How To Feed a Growing Planet" Chef, author, and restaurateur Marcus Samuelsson joins activist Raj Patel and geneticist Molly Jahn for "How To Feed a Growing... January 4, 2013 Blog Post Preserving Potato Diversity in Peru With help from Lima’s International Potato Center, Andean farmers are preserving potato diversity, as this new video from Science... April 26, 2013 Video New Horizon's Mission to Pluto Pluto in 2015...or bust.
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