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Article Trip Up Your Brain Solving math equations, reading books, even thinking about thinking, the brain's abilities are amazing. But it can be fooled.... Programs and Events A History of Cuban Dance An immersive virtual reality experience filmed on location captures Cuban dancers in action. Event Humans as Animals: Primate Politics, Culture, and Morality In this lecture, Frans de Waal will explore how humans and other primates behave in power politics, transmission of knowledge... Thursday, May 21, 2015 | Sold Out Blog Post Dr. Oliver Sacks on His Book The Mind’s Eye In The Mind’s Eye, physician and author Oliver Sacks tells the stories of people who are able to navigate the world and commu... Article The Circle of the Food Chain and Decomposition This seventh-grader from Mississippi asked, when it comes to planting a garden, isn't dirt just dirt? Find out what she learn... Article Darwin Manuscripts Project News The latest news from the Darwin Manuscripts Project at AMNH. Blog Post New Research: Lightweight Skeletons of Modern Humans Evolved Recently Study shows that modern humans have less bone density than related species, possibly linked to transition from nomadic to agr... Blog Post Gaia Mission Data Leads to Discovery of New Stellar “Swarms” in Our Galaxy A new study from a Museum researcher and colleagues has identified stars of similar ages in our galaxy that may shed light on...   Hall of Planet Earth Educator's Guide   Blog Post Dimitar Sasselov on the Exoplanet Revolution In the past year, scientists have discovered an astounding number of planets beyond our solar system. On Monday, February 6,... Article Barn Owls on the Side of the Road The discovery of many dead barn owls lying around the highway peaked this young naturalist’s curiosity. See what he learned w... Article Aspen: A Keystone Species By keeping a nature journal, this 16-year-old from Colorado quickly saw how aspens support and sustain biodiversity. Learn mo...
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