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Article Moths and Butterflies Draw a butterfly. Build a butterfly. Learn about butterfly evolution, migration, and conservation. Exhibit Butterfly pattern   Educator Materials Draw a Monarch You don't have to be a terrific artist to create a scientific illustration of a monarch butterfly—just willing to take your time... Blog Post Go WILD at the Museum! Celebrate the long-awaited arrival of spring with live animals, big-screen movies, and more at the Museum over Spring Break. April 3, 2015 Article Architecture The butterfly vivarium is a custom-fabricated, temporary shell structure that sits within one of the Museum's existing galleries. OLogy Card 334 Broad-tailed Swallowtail Taiwan's national butterfly is the Broad-tailed Swallowtail butterfly. OLogy Card 338 Taiwan Beech Hairstreak The rare Taiwan beech tree grows only in a few forests of northern Taiwan. These are also the only places you'll find a Taiwan Beech... Article Trending: Darwin Children's Doodles We are celebrating Darwin's 206th birthday by publishing, for the first time ever, the entire collection of drawings & stories... Blog Post Seated in Nature The Museum Library owns two of E. A. Seguy’s pochoir albums of the 1920s: Papillons and Insectes, both of which are collections of... December 23, 2013 Educator Materials Browse by Type: Video   Article 2012 Winning Essays Thirteen winning essays from the 2012 contest year of the Young Naturalist Awards by students from grade 7 - 12. Research Research Highlights  
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