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Article Near-Earth Asteroids These rocky objects orbit the Sun between Mars and Jupiter, but some come much closer to our planet. Blog Post Museum Artist Steve Quinn Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award If anyone was born to work at the American Museum of Natural History, it is Stephen C. Quinn, who retired this spring after 39 years... July 29, 2013 OLogy Card 050 Earth The Earth is our home. So far, it's the only place that we know of that has life. Everywhere you look on Earth there is life. This... Exhibit The differentiated Earth The differentiation, or organization, of the Earth into layers is perhaps the most significant event in its history.   Pterosaurs: Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs Neither birds nor dinosaurs, find out how the unique flying pterosaurs evolved and thrived for nearly 150 million years. Programs and Events Undergraduate Fellowships   Article Essay: Waiting for Gravity at LIGO If LIGO regularly registers gravitational waves, it will more than vindicate Einstein. The observatory may help answer pressing questions... Article Nuclear Arms Race Not long after World War II ended in 1945, new hostilities emerged between the United States and the Soviet Union. Known as the Cold... Exhibit Wallace Gilroy Bronze Earth model The globe before you is a model of the solid Earth.   Polar Explorers: Race to the End of the Earth This traveling exhibition relives a stirring tale of Antarctic exploration: Scott and Amundsen's race to the South Pole. Educator Professional Learning TRUST Summer Institute 2018: Earth and Space Science Taught by a team of Museum scientists and science educators, the TRUST Summer Institute in Earth and Space Science is designed to... Video What Were the Biggest Asteroids to Hit Earth? Impacts that changed the course of life on Earth.
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