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  Long-sought Fossil Mammal With Transitional Middle Ear Found     Genome Tree Of Life Is Largest Yet For Seed Plants     John Flynn Elected As Aaas Fellow AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY CURATOR HONORED FOR INNOVATIVE RESEARCH ON FOSSIL MAMMALS AND DIRECTING THE NEW RICHARD GILDER... Article Scientist At American Museum Of Natural History Helps Prove Theory About Evolution Of Dwarf Novae Genetic Research with Conservation Implications from the American Museum of Natural History's Sackler Institute for Comparative Genomics Article Dwarf Crocodiles Split Into Three Species FINDING PROVIDES INSIGHT INTO DIMINUTIVE SPECIES ON ISLANDS AND RELATED DEBATES ABOUT SMALL-BODIED HOMINIDSSUCH AS HOMO FLORESIENSIS Article Fossil Of New Species Of Dwarf Buffalo From Philippines Described By American Museum Of Natural History Paleontologist And Colleagues Analysis of Meteorite found in India in 1940 Provides Clues to our Solar System's Beginning   Dustier than Expected   Article Study By American Museum Of Natural History Paleontologists Reveals Timing Of Physical And Sexual Maturity Among Dinosaur Ancestors To Birds Comparison to Competitors Shows that Early Dinosaurs SurvivedTwo Mass Extinctions Without Special Traits Article Luck Gave Dinosaurs Their Edge Crocodile Relative Discovered by American Museum of Natural History Paleontologists Strongly Resembles Bird-Like Dinosaurs Article Toothless Crocodile Relative, 210 Million Years Old, Walked On Two Feet     Studies In Reef Health STUDY SHOWS REAL DATA AND RELEVANT VIDEO PRESENTATIONSMAKE ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES COME ALIVE IN CLASSROOM Article American Museum Of Natural History Scientists Help Demonstrate That Protecting Fish Species Can Help Coral Reefs Recover Research by the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation During 2008, the International Year of the Reef