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Blog Post Whales Exhibition Features Intricately Carved Feast Dish A story from the Kwakwa̱ka̱'wakw peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast—roughly 20 diverse communities united by a common language—inspired... April 9, 2013 Collection "Jade" By Any Other Name In this excerpt from the redesigned twenty-fifth anniversary edition of the classic Gems & Crystals, Curator George Harlow explains... October 26, 2015 Interactive What Do You Know About Archaeology? How much do you know about what it takes to dig up the past? Examine the details in each question closely to ace this interactive... Article Poison for Good Used carefully, poisons can be beneficial. Plant toxins and animal venoms have been used in treatments for medical conditions ranging... Article Spiders: True or False? Which came first: spiders or dinosaurs? Do all spiders make webs? Are all spiders poisonous? Test your knowledge and find out more. Staff Meet The Curators Gold is curated by the American Museum of Natural History scientist James D. Webster, Chair and Curator in the Division of Earth... Article Zapata Wetlands The Zapata peninsula contains the largest and most important wetlands in the Caribbean, making its conservation a top priority for... Article What's the Big Idea About Archaeology? For archaeologists, each discovery is like finding a piece of the puzzle. With enough pieces, they can glimpse what life was like...   Dinosaur Nests, Eggs, and Babies Some ancient dinosaurs made nests, laid eggs, and tended to their babies—just like today’s birds and crocodiles.   Dinosaur Bones, Beaks, and Claws Modern birds still boast talons and hollow bones, callbacks to their evolutionary link to ancient dinosaurs. Exhibit Life that lives off the Earth's energy An unusual environment for life exists deep in the oceans. Exhibit The destructive power of earthquakes The great San Francisco earthquake produced a surface rupture some 300 kilometers long.
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