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Article Thoracic Temperatures of the Postman Butterfly, Heliconius melpomene, in Relation to Diurnal Ambient Temperature Changes in Coastal Guyana This young naturalist studied in a rain forest to learn if tropical species are particularly vulnerable to climate change. Research Research Highlights   Article Antenna   Staff Animal Keeper (SuperScience) From blue butterflies and red frogs to a green iguana nicknamed "Iggy," meet the live animals in the Museum's exhibitions... OLogy Card 335 Juvia Large Crow This butterfly once lived in the mangrove forests along the tropical coast of Taiwan. Blog Post Celebrate Black History at the Museum Join us for a spectacular afternoon to honor Black History Month featuring Delfeayo Marsalis and other guest artists. February 27, 2015 Video The Guardians The Guardians flutters between colorful monarch butterflies searching for water in Central Mexico and Indigenous farmers guarding... Educator Materials Nature Explorations No matter what the weather or season, you can explore nature with these 11 challenges. See just how good your observation skills... Collection Lepidoptera   Educator Materials Resources For Educators: The Butterfly Conservatory Use these free online resources before or after your visit to further explore themes presented in the Butterfly Conservatory. Article Out of Thin Air Most plants draw water and nutrients up out of the soil through their roots. So how does a plant attached to the side of a tree,... OLogy Card 159 Vladimir Ovtsharenko Since he was a boy, Vladimir Ovtsharenko has been fascinated by nature. Growing up, he loved collecting spiders, beetles, and butterflies...
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