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Video Tara's Footprint SOLD OUT–Four young siblings living in Khechuperi, a sacred village in the Himalayas, balance their spiritual practice with their... Video Sex Spirit Strength Two Indigenous men in Canada explore the trauma of the colonial legacy, grapple with their health and identity, and find new purpose... Video Virgin Blacktop A love of skateboarding brings nine suburban boys together as one of the best crews in the Northeast and causes them to popularize... Video Special Presentation: Lunar Tribute Astronaut Charlie Duke describes in vivid detail the anticipation, sights, and sounds of his voyage to the Moon. Event Astronomy Live: Mars 2020 Get closer to Mars than ever before! Join Director of Astrovisualization Carter Emmart and Brown University’s Christopher Kremer... September 25, 2018 | Sold Out Blog Post IFLS Live at AMNH: Watch It Now On August 28, 2013, the American Museum of Natural History and Elise Andrew, founder of I F***ing Love Science, hosted the ultimate... September 3, 2013   A Look into Darwin’s Unseen Manuscripts with SciTech Now DMP Director David Kohn talks to Hari Sreenivasan on the PBS show SciTech Now.   2012 Mack Lipkin Man and Nature Series A panel discussion on This Year in Conservation, featuring an engaging conversation between conservationists. Event Collectively at the Mead: Appalshop Based in eastern Kentucky, Appalshop has been “making media in the mountains since 1969.” Saturday, October 19 Article Margaret Mead Film Festival 2016 The 2016 documentary film festival invited participants to explore new cultural perspectives while critically examining our own points... Degree Program Rosamond Kinzler Co-Director and Faculty - Profile Programs and Events Tender In the industrial town of Port Kembla, a community center embarks on a noble and atypical quest: to serve the townspeople with a...
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