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  Hall of Ocean Life Educator's Guide   Educator Materials Laufer's Guide to the Chinese Hall In 1904, objects collected by Berthold Laufer during an expedition to China (1901-1904) were installed in the Southwest Gallery (Chinese...   Exhibitions and Educator Resources Make your Museum field trip an extension of your classroom with our with our teacher and student resources. Educator Materials Field Trip to the Moon Companion Guide (for classroom and general use) Buckle up your virtual seatbelts for a trip to the Moon! This guide provides the key educational concepts of this show. After you... Educator Materials Field Trip to the Moon Companion Guide (for visitors to the American Museum of Natural History) Buckle up your virtual seatbelts! This guide provides the key educational concepts of the dome show at the Museum's Hayden Planetarium.... Educator Materials Resources For Educator: Dark Universe The space show celebrates the pivotal discoveries that have led us to greater knowledge of the structure and history of the universe... Educator Materials Space Travel Guide Can you convince your friends to spend the next school break on Pluto? Let your imagination run wild, and write an inspiring work... Educator Materials Resources For Educators: The World's Largest Dinosaurs For 140 million years giant dinosaurs called sauropods roamed Earth. Help students investigate the success of the largest land animals... Educator Materials Resources for Educators: Hall of Ocean Life   Educator Materials List of Recommended Field Guides Explore this reading list of more than 20 field guide titles. Article Imperial Dragon Long ago, there was a poor farmer who lived in a wild and rugged land, far from the great cities of China.   Resources For Educators: The Horse The powerful relationship between the horse and humans.
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