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Blog Post Were Dinosaurs Undergoing Long-Term Decline Before Mass Extinction? Research shows that massive herbivores were declining, while carnivores and smaller plant-eaters were not. October 26, 2012   Kim, Eunsoo   Blog Post Mapping Wasps and Their Plant Hosts in Australia Invertebrate Zoology Division Chair and Curator James Carpenter joins Dennis Stevenson of the New York Botanical Garden on an expedition... July 31, 2014 Press Release New Research on Rapidly-Disappearing Ancient Plant Offers Hope for Species Recovery Genetic analysis of Guam's cycads shows promising genetic diversity. July 13, 2010 Educator Materials Browse by Topic: Osmosis     Pedraza et al. 2013. Venation patterns of neotropical blueberries (Vaccinieae: Ericaceae) and their phylogenetic utility. Phytotaxa, 96: 1-53.   Article Plant/Arthropod Interactions To attract helpful arthropods and fend off harmful ones, plants use their important chemical and mechanical attributes.   Simmons, Nancy B.   Educator Materials Plant Identification Explore plant diagrams and learn techniques for observing, collecting, identifying, and preserving plants. Press Release Duck-bill Dinosaurs Had Complex Plant-pulverizing Teeth New biomechanical study is the first to reveal material properties from fossilized teeth October 4, 2012 Degree Program Science Reads for Summer Vacation Three Ph.D. students from the Museum’s Richard Gilder Graduate School share their top picks for science books this summer. August 10, 2015   Herrera, James  
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