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Degree Program Program Timeline The 36-credit program involves three concurrent components: courses, residencies, and mentoring. Programs and Events Wheat and Tares (Het Kaf en Het Koren) Adherents of Harold Camping, who predicted 5/21/11 would be Judgment Day, live with hope, fear, and loneliness as they prepare for...   Courses for Teens Explore anthropology, astronomy, conservation science, and evolutionary biology as the Museum’s halls, exhibits, and collections... Exhibit The year without a summer The 1815 eruptions of the Tambora volcano in Indonesia was the largest in 20,000 years. Article Studying Antarctica's Marine Organisms Antarctica's water is so clear that organisms have problems finding food. "It's like parents having to tell their young, 'We're...   Drop-In Events for School Groups Grades K-12: A series of free, hands-on events for school groups of all ages on a variety of topics. Check out the Drop-In events... Educator Professional Learning Diego Pol, Course Author Diego Pol is an online instructor for Seminars on Science, the Museum's online professional learning program for educators. Article Studying Snow and Wind in Antarctica What's a high school chemistry teacher from Florida doing in Antarctica studying the winds? She's helping researchers understand... Family Programs The Science and Nature Program Classes for young children and their parents about the wonders of science and nature. Article Some Background on Antarctica Despite extremely harsh conditions, about 3,500 people go to work in Antarctica each year. And the number of research applications... Press Release Live Butterflies Return to Enchant Visitors at the American Museum of Natural History The Butterfly Conservatory: Tropical Butterflies Alive in Winter, an annual favorite visited by millions of children and adults,... August 13, 2015   Education SWRS offers many advanced training courses for biology students and seasoned researchers. Workshops are also available for avid naturalists.
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