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Educator Materials Reefs in Crisis Humans have harmlessly harvested coral reefs for thousands—or even hundreds of thousands—of years. So why has our behavior in recent... Audio SciCafe: Humans and Conflicts with Bears, Oh My! How can humans and bears be better neighbors? October 26, 2017 Educator Materials Resources for Educators: Hall of Ocean Life     At the Museum What do YOU want to see and do here? Choose from over 40 halls, special exhibitions, and more. And check out some of the events,... Research Impact of Human Activity on Black Bear Habitats in the Western Great Basin Developing models to understand how black bears move between patches of suitable habitat in the Western Great Basin, Nevada. Article An Analysis of the Effects of a Wildfire on the Biodiversity of Wildlife in Southern Arizona Wildfires burned more than one million acres of Arizona forest and grassland during the summer of 2011. This young naturalist set...   Hall of Eastern Woodlands Indians Educator's Guide   Audio 2017 Solar Eclipse Facts and Tips On August 21st, 2017, most of North America will experience a solar eclipse, with a select area experiencing a total solar eclipse.... August 15, 2017 Educator Materials Biodiversity Everything counts! Biodiversity is the the variety, and interdependence, of life on Earth.   Wynn-Grant, Rae   Research Monitoring Landscapes for Conservation Planning The CBC develops a variety of software and tools for monitoring landscapes to support conservation planning and action. Article Feeding Habits of Aves of Northern Illinois This young naturalist worked with a local nature center to help them collect data about which types of seeds and feeders best attracted...
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