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Article Journeys of People and Goods Exchanges of goods map human encounters, from face-to-face bargaining in a village market to business on a global scale. Article Evolution: How It Works Hall of Human Origins | American Museum of Natural History   Malaria A child dies from malaria every minute. And while we know a great deal about this disease—and have spent billions of dollars combatting... Blog Post Poison: What Killed Napoleon? Was Napoleon Bonaparte poisoned? This question has plagued historians since the defeated French emperor’s death on May 5, 1821, on... January 21, 2014 Research Discovery of 13-million-year-old Long-Snouted Croc Fossil Suggests Parallel Evolution of "Telescoping" Eyes Fossils of a 13-million-year-old extinct crocodilian from the Peruvian Amazon suggest that South American and Indian species evolved... April 20, 2016   Moths Cloaked In Color Reexamination of Parallel Evolution in Diurnal Neotropical Moths Appears in Bulletin of The American Museum of Natural History Blog Post Specimen Prep Times Six There’s more than one way to prep a specimen, depending on whether you’re an entomologist, herpetologist, or anthropologist. January 16, 2015 Press Release Saber-toothed Cats's Canines Took Years to Grow New research shows that the fearsome teeth of the saber-toothed cat Smilodon fatalis fully emerged at a later age than those of modern... July 1, 2015 Blog Post Students Help Discover a New Deep-Sea Anemone Species Working with collections, two students in the Museum’s 2017 Science Research Mentoring Program helped identify a new marine invertebrate... July 27, 2017   Berniker, Lily   Article Temperature and Relative Humidity (RH)   Collection Special Collections Access Policy and access guidelines for Special Collections.