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Article Mummies in Egypt In our imagination, mummies are linked with ancient Egypt. Mummification was practiced there for thousands of years. Blog Post Mummies Open Now Starting today, you can get a look at some of the most rarely exhibited mummies in the world. And as always, Members see this special... March 16, 2017 OLogy Card 377 mummies Mummies are preserved remains of humans and other animals, some lasting for thousands of years. Article Golden Ages Gold was probably the first metal worked by humans. Gleaming nuggets of gold were easy to find and collect from stream banks, and... Special Exhibition Mummies Get an up-close look at rarely-exhibited mummies. March 20, 2017 — January 7, 2018 Programs and Events The Tentmakers of Cairo A small souk preserves an ancient tradition of Arab fabric making in the midst of revolution. Article Mummy and Modern DNA Analysis The Nile crocodile, one of Egypt’s most famous icons, is in fact two distinct species, according to recent genetic analyses of mummified... September 26, 2011 Permanent Hall Hall of African Peoples Discover objects from religious, political, economic, and domestic aspects of African cultures, from ancient Egypt and beyond. Article Mummies Revealed New imaging technologies allow researchers to respectfully see inside these mummies. Article Capital Improvements Petra: Lost City of Stone | American Museum of Natural History   Mummies Educator's Guide   Article Caravans and Commerce Petra began as a gathering site for Nabataean traders carrying incense, spice and perfume along two major ancient caravan routes.
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