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Blog Post Ph.D. Graduate Profile: Allison Bronson Doctoral candidate Allison Bronson studied fossil cartilaginous fishes, including the diversification of early sharks. September 14, 2018   Shelf Life TOC Archive: Episode 8     Shelf Life TOC Archive: Episode 9   Exhibit Tyrannosaurus rex The 4-foot-long jaw. The 6-inch-long teeth. The tiny arms. Meet one of the most iconic dinosaurs in the world. Press Release ¡Cuba! Opens at the American Museum of Natural History Cuba is a place of exceptional biodiversity and cultural richness, and now a new bilingual exhibition at the American Museum of Natural... November 21, 2016 Collection "Jade" By Any Other Name In this excerpt from the redesigned twenty-fifth anniversary edition of the classic Gems & Crystals, Curator George Harlow explains... October 26, 2015 Blog Post #AskACurator This Wednesday Ever wonder what it’s like to work in a tropical rainforest? Or what ancient DNA is? Or how scientists are using specimens collected... September 15, 2014 OLogy Card 001 Chirostenotes pergracilis With its bird-like features, this animal was mistaken for a giant bird for a while. OLogy Card 002 Diatryma gigantea This extinct bird weighed over 330 pounds and had heavy legs and tiny wings. OLogy Card 003 Tyrannosaurus rex This "king tyrant lizard" was one of the largest carnivores that ever lived. OLogy Card 004 Alxasaurus elesitaiensis Dug up in the Alxa Desert in China, this is the oldest and most complete therizinosaur ever found. OLogy Card 005 Pelecanimimus polyodon This theropod belonged to a group called ornithomimids, also called "ostrich-mimics."
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