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Video Video Gallery   Video The Butterfly Life Cycle How do you make a butterfly? Blog Post One Month to Butterfly Bliss Need a butterfly fix? The Museum's annual Butterfly Conservatory: Tropical Butterflies Alive in Winter is opening in just one month,... September 13, 2013 Blog Post Last Weekend To See the Butterfly Conservatory Don't miss it! The Butterfly Conservatory is open only for three more days—through this Memorial Day weekend. May 24, 2013 Blog Post The Butterfly Conservatory: Can You Spot It? You can see dozens of butterfly species in The Butterfly Conservatory. Here’s a short field guide to lepidopterans to try and find... April 5, 2017 Article Butterfly FAQ Find answers to the top 10 questions about butterflies. Blog Post Last Chance: Flight of the Butterflies If you’ve ever been curious about where the monarch butterflies disappear to in the winter, don’t miss the film Flight of the Butterflies,... June 7, 2013 Article Protecting Butterflies Taiwan may be a small island, but it's home to more kinds of butterflies than any almost other place in the world — about 400 species... Press Release Flight of the Butterflies opens at the American Museum of Natural History Flight of the Butterflies, a breathtaking new giant-screen adventure that takes viewers on the epic 3,000-mile journey traveled every... January 5, 2013 Article Conservation Butterfly diversity has decreased alarmingly in some parts of the world, pointing to the need for better management and public education.   Live Butterflies Return to Enchant Visitors at the American Museum of Natural History   December 19, 2016 Special Exhibition The Butterfly Conservatory More than 500 free-flying tropical butterflies of every color fill the room. October 6, 2018 — May 27, 2019
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