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  Musch, Abigail   Audio Podcast: The Biology of Bias and the Future of Our Species What has science revealed about the truth and misconceptions of bias? April 4, 2019 Programs and Events Stk'emlupsemc Te Secwépemc First Nation Delegation Visits the AMNH January 22-24, 2019. The American Museum of Natural History welcomed representatives of the Stk’emlupsemc te Secwépemc (Secwépemc)...   Choate, Alexander     Author Submissions Submission guidelines for submitting work to the Museum's scientific publications.   Scientific Publications The Museum publishes three scientific journals, available in print and digital formats. Educator Materials Resources For Educators: T.rex: The Ultimate Predator Use these resources to help students engage more deeply with the exhibition content. Event Meet the Scientist: Dagmawit Getahun Join Dagmawit “Dag” Getahun for an exploration of the evolutionary history of monkeys from Africa and Asia. Saturday, June 1, 2019 Blog Post Museum Researcher Describes What May Be Oldest Ape Teeth on Record A study led by Museum paleoanthropologist Ashley Hammond confirms Kamoyapithecus hamiltoni was an ape. February 28, 2019 Exhibit Tyrannosaurus rex The 4-foot-long jaw. The 6-inch-long teeth. The tiny arms. Meet one of the most iconic dinosaurs in the world. Video Behind the Updates to Old New York Diorama New interpretation of a 1930s diorama adds context and highlights misrepresentations, adding a modern cultural perspective. Video Glossary  
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