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Student Programs In the Field: Anthropologists of the Koobi Fora Student Programs Virtual Worlds Institute: What Happened to the Neanderthals? Resurrect a prehistoric creature by designing realistic computer models using 2-D and 3-D software and the AMNH's paleontological... Blog Post A Cotton Coat Made by Japan's Ainu People Explore an example of traditional clothing from the Museum’s collection of textiles, made by indigenous people from Hokkaido, Japan. January 17, 2019   Schmitz, Emily     Contact Us   Lectures and Talks Teen SciCafe Join us for interactive discussions with scientists to learn about their research and how it relates to the world we live in! Student Programs Physical Anthropology - Exploratory Course   Educator Materials Water and Life on Earth Water makes life as we know it possible. By using water more wisely, we can make sure there's enough to share with all living things. Article Vietnam: Biological and Cultural Diversity From its tropical forests to its mountains and coral reefs, Vietnam is home to an amazing diversity of plants and animals. Research Anthropology The Division of Anthropology is concerned with all aspects of human behavior, past, present, and with an eye to the future. Our work... Article Human Origins Groundbreaking research underway at the Museum and around the world is tackling questions about what it means to be human. Article Food As shoppers and as eaters, we play a critical role in shaping what ends up on our plate and why.
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