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  Fake Trilobites   Blog Post Think Like an Explorer with Museum App Personalize your visit with the Explorer app, which uses cutting-edge location awareness technology to offer a unique journey through... November 22, 2016 Article Check out the Beyond Planet Earth iPhone App An augmented reality app created as a companion to the exhibition Beyond Planet Earth: The Future of Space Exploration at the American... Blog Post Download the Beyond Planet Earth AR App Before Your Visit Find a Mars-bound spaceship, glimpse a near-Earth asteroid, watch a lunar elevator take off from the Moon, and more in this new augmented... November 17, 2011 Blog Post Help Solve The Riddle of Neanderthal Disappearance Crime scene neanderthal makes a mystery out of human relative’s extinction. April 9, 2015 Video Real Exhibits Behind Night at the Museum Movies Visit your favorite movie characters.   Getting Real – Documentary Film Conference 2014 Register Today for Getting Real – Documentary Film Conference 2014 June 27, 2014 Press Release Think Like an Explorer with New American Museum of Natural History App Today the American Museum of Natural History launched Explorer, an updated app that lets visitors personalize their onsite experience... November 22, 2016 Blog Post Updated Explorer App Released in Beta The latest update to the Museum’s Explorer app includes customized recommendations, augmented reality experiences, and behind-the-scenes... March 28, 2016 Programs and Events Mixed Media Lounge Building on the spirit of Margaret Mead's cutting-edge work, experience how today’s new media—virtual reality, augmented reality,... Blog Post MicroRangers to the Rescue! A new mobile game from the Museum brings the invisible world to life. January 29, 2016 Audio Podcast: SciCafe—Teaming Up with Robots with Julie Shah The next generation of robots is not only powerful enough to work for humans, but also smart enough to work safely alongside us. January 24, 2019
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