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Educator Materials What is Biodiversity? Students can learn about biodiversity by making observations in the field and through mapping activities. Video Counting Flamingos See how conservationists are tracking flamingo populations in the High Andes. Article Biodiversity Crisis The Biodiversity Crisis: Losing What Counts is part of the museum's essay book series, designed to give teachers, students, and general... Educator Materials Biodiversity Counts Pick one activity, one article—or use all units to teach your students about plants, arthropods, or both. This curriculum teaches... Educator Materials Plant Ecology Go beyond the basics of field study—use math and science skills and dig in the dirt! Students learn how to count plants as part of...   Biodiversity   Educator Materials Calculating a Biodiversity Index A Biodiversity Index gives scientists a concrete, uniform way to talk about and compare the biodiversity of different areas. Learn... Blog Post Field Journal: How to Count 18,000 Flamingos As they set out to count every flamingo in an area of Argentina’s Catamarca Province, the team will be visiting 20 lakes in 10 days... February 3, 2015 Educator Materials Plant Morphology Take an illustrated look at plant morphology with this collection of diagrams. Exhibit Siberian Tiger Tigers are audacious carnivores, bringing down large animals with a flying tackle and forcing their canines into the victim's throat... Educator Materials Selecting a Site for Field Study Students are introduced to the techniques used by scientists in the field: how to select a site for study, and how to map it. Article How to Calculate a Biodiversity Index One is the riskiest number... A more diverse plant population has a better chance of adapting to changes in the environment. Learn...
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