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  Exploration Stations Find out what all the commotion is about! Explore Museum collections, talk with scientists, and engage in hands-on activities. Video What Did a Baby T. rex Look Like? Did you know T. rex hatchlings were most likely covered in fluff? Learn more about the life history of the ultimate predator. Video Behind the Updates to Old New York Diorama New interpretation of a 1930s diorama adds context and highlights misrepresentations, adding a modern cultural perspective.   Educator Resources Activities and guides to aid in exploring the Hall of Biodiversity. Audio Podcast: SciCafe—Science of Love with Bianca Jones Marlin How does the “love drug” oxytocin affect the way that parents care for their children—in both humans and animals? February 14, 2019 Event SciCafe: Why Dinosaurs Matter Join Diego Pol, who discovered The Titanosaur, and learn how paleontologists find fossils, and explore quirky, but profound questions. Wednesday, May 1, 2019 Event SciCafe: The Microbial Worlds of the Deep-Sea Join Jeffrey Marlow as he explains deep-sea microbial communities and why it's important to consider microbes in marine conservation... Wednesday, April 3, 2019 Blog Post February 2019 Programs at the American Museum of Natural History This month check out the Milstein Science Series, explore the science of love at SciCafe, and more. February 1, 2019 Blog Post Why Howe Quarry is Among North America's Most Important Fossil Sites The remote site in Wyoming yielded thousands of fossil finds in the 1930s, still being studied by Museum researchers today. January 30, 2019 Event Meet the Scientist: Ben Titus Learn about the special relationship between clownfish and sea anemones with Museum postdoctoral research fellow Ben Titus. Saturday, February 2, 2019   Woltz, Hara   Student Programs In the Field: Anthropologists of the Koobi Fora
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