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  Dinosaurs Exhibition Text This exhibition text explores new technologies and ideas that scientists are using to investigate and reinterpret many of the most... March 26, 2015 Article A Primer on Dinosaur Paleobiology From Museum Graduate Student In addition to peer-reviewed research papers, Steve Brusatte, a graduate student at Columbia University who is advised by Museum... June 14, 2012 Blog Post New Research Points to Dinosaurs’ Colorful Past There’s new evidence that dinosaurs, once thought to resemble scaly lizards, were in fact fluffy, colorful animals. In the video... September 15, 2011 Blog Post Meet Mame, the Newly Named Mamenchisaurus The results are in! We asked you to submit a nickname for Mamenchisaurus, the giant sauropod at the center of The World’s Largest... June 8, 2011 Article Final Days Around 66 million years ago, a wide range of large dinosaurs roamed the continents, while winged reptiles called pterosaurs flew... Blog Post Museum Hosts Dinosaur Tweetup After the Museum closed on Thursday, March 3, tweeters gathered beneath the towering Apatosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rexin the Hall... March 7, 2011 Blog Post Brain Case: Diplodocus longus In a corner of the exhibition The World’s Largest Dinosaurs, an elegant wire outline of the head of Diplodocus longus, a sauropod... November 23, 2011 Article Chaos in the Cretaceous! A wide range of plants and animals, both on land and in the sea, went extinct 65 million years ago. The ferocious Tyrannosaurus rex... Blog Post Curious Collections: A Single Dino Toe This specimen from the Museum’s paleontology collection is a single dinosaur toe covered with lichen.Most likely collected in 1912... October 25, 2011 Course Footprints in Time - Exploratory Course In this course, we will explore the evidence left behind by the many magnificent extinct organisms, focusing on ichnofossils, and... Article Dinosaur Bones Discover what scientists can learn by studying fossils and how these fossils are stored in the Museum’s collections. Article The Future Have paleontologists already found the world's largest dinosaur? Look at it this way. Sauropods reigned for 140 million years, and...
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