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Press Release New Dinosaur Feather Findings Newly discovered dinosaur implies greater prevalence of feathers; Megalosaur fossil represents first feathered dinosaur not closely... July 2, 2012   Microraptor Feathers were Iridescent Four-winged Dinosaur's Plumage Could Offer Insight into Early Evolution of Feathers March 8, 2012 Video What color were extinct dinosaurs? Scientists find colored, feathered dinosaur fossils.   Dinosaur Feathers Scientists think that many dinosaur species sported primitive feathers—precursors to those birds use to fly, court mates, and more. Article Figuring Out Feathers Feathers turn out to be surprisingly complicated. First, there's the question of which animals have feathers. For centuries, people... Blog Post New Finding: Dinosaur’s Feathers Were Black with Iridescent Sheen A pigeon-sized, four-winged dinosaur known as Microraptor had black iridescent feathers when it roamed the Earth 130 million years... March 8, 2012 Article A Feathered Tyrant Tyrannosaurus rex roamed North America around 66 million years ago. But a small tyrannosaur from the same family lived in the Liaoning...   Functions of Feathers Activity   Blog Post Get to Know a Dino: Yutyrannus huali This smaller cousin of the iconic Tyrannosaurus rex was a fearsome predator covered in a shaggy coat of “proto-feathers.” April 11, 2016 Article Newly Discovered Primitive Tyrannosaur Found To Be Feathered   Blog Post Newly Discovered Dinosaur Implies Greater Prevalence of Feathers A new species of feathered dinosaur discovered in southern Germany is further changing the perception of how predatory dinosaurs... July 2, 2012 Blog Post New Research Points to Dinosaurs’ Colorful Past There’s new evidence that dinosaurs, once thought to resemble scaly lizards, were in fact fluffy, colorful animals. In the video... September 15, 2011
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