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Press Release American Museum of Natural History Internship Program Celebrates 20th Anniversary This summer, while many of their peers are starting traditional, office-based internships, more than 30 local young adults will be... August 1, 2016 Blog Post Neil deGrasse Tyson Receives NAS Public Welfare Medal National Academy of Sciences has awarded its highest honor to astrophysicist, author, and director of the Museum’s Hayden Planetarium. April 30, 2015 Article Plan Your Visit Start here: find out how to get to the Museum, buy advance tickets, and map out your must-see exhibits.   The Orders Of Trilobites - Order From Chaos   Press Release ¡Cuba! Opens at the American Museum of Natural History Cuba is a place of exceptional biodiversity and cultural richness, and now a new bilingual exhibition at the American Museum of Natural... November 21, 2016 Article ¡Que Vivan las Serpientes Muertas! "What can I do for a decent science fair project?" See how this 12th-grader from Ohio turned his answer to this common... Blog Post “Herping” On A Green Sponge “The forest feels like a super-saturated giant green sponge, where thick moss grows on everything,” writes herpetologist Chris Raxworthy... October 10, 2014 Blog Post ”Fly Me to the Moon” Guest Andrew Chaikin on the Moon and the Museum With the conclusion of NASA’s shuttle program and the upcoming launch of the latest Mars rover, the future of space exploration is... October 19, 2011 Blog Post #InsideAMNH Invites Instagram into the Museum The Museum recently launched #InsideAMNH, a collaboration featuring some of Instagram's most popular photographers. September 9, 2014 OLogy Card 026 Mongolia Mongolia is a large country, a bit smaller than Alaska, in the middle of Asia. Most of its people are Mongolian, although there are... OLogy Card 027 Ukhaa Tolgod Ukhaa Tolgod (OOK-uh TALL-gud) -- located in the Gobi Desert -- is the recently discovered hot spot for Museum paleontologists. OLogy Card 065 sunspots The Sun is speckled with markings called sunspots that look darker than the rest of its surface.
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