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Permanent Hall Arthur Ross Hall of Meteorites More than 130 significant meteorites are on view, including the 34-ton Cape York Meteorite, known as Ahnighito. Educator Materials Resources For Educators: Arthur Ross Hall of Meteorites Get ready for a comprehensive look at meteorites through the latest research and cutting-edge technology. Make the most of your visit... Exhibit Hoba This fragment is a tiny piece of Hoba, the largest intact meteorite ever found on Earth.   Exhibits The museum exhibitions are the primary tools by which the department interacts with and engages the public in the collective knowledge...   Permanent Exhibits Museum halls where you will find meteorites, gems, minerals, and earth science. Blog Post Meteor, Meteorite, Asteroid: What's the Difference? What's the difference between a meteor, a meteorite, and an asteroid? In the Museum's Arthur Ross Hall of Meteorites, curated by... February 15, 2013 Article Meteorites The meteorite collection goes back to the earliest history of the Museum. The first meteorite in the collection was a 46g piece of... Exhibit Where do meteorites come from? All meteorites come from inside our solar system. Exhibit Meteorite impacts Countless impacts continue to shape Earth, other planets and moons in our dynamic Solar System. Research The Upper Zone and Roof of the Bushveld Complex Jill VanTongeren, a graduate student at Columbia University, and petrology curator Ed Mathez are currently at work trying to understand... Exhibit Ahnighito This huge piece of iron, known as Ahnighito, is actually just one portion of a much larger meteorite that fell to Earth from space. Educator Materials Launching and Recovering Meteorites Throwing water balloons on school grounds in the name of science? Absolutely, if you do it safely, and apply what you learn to the...
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