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Audio 2017 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: De-Extinction Join Neil deGrasse Tyson and a panel of experts for a lively debate about the merits and shortcomings of genetically bringing extinct... March 31, 2017   After school educators guide to ology Paleontology     AMNH-Scientific-Publications-2016   Permanent Hall Anne and Bernard Spitzer Hall of Human Origins Trace millions of years of human history, from early ancestors who lived more than six million years ago to modern Homo sapiens. Blog Post Bigger Brains Drove Evolution to Bigger Human Bodies New research by a Museum scientist suggests that humans became the large-brained, large-bodied animals we are today because of natural... April 18, 2016   Bigger Brains Led to Bigger Bodies in Our Ancestors New research suggests that humans became the large-brained, large-bodied animals we are today because of natural selection to increase... April 18, 2016 Research Biological Anthropology Dr. Ian Tattersall is Curator Emeritus of Biological Anthropology. He carried out both primatological and paleontological fieldwork...   Blott et al. 2012. Phylogenetic relationships of a Patagonian frog radiation, the Alsodes + Eupsophus clade (Anura: Alsodidae), with comments on the...   Blog Post Body Size Not A Factor In Human Origin Story A new analysis of the body size of early humans and our relatives suggests that the first members of the genus Homo—which includes... August 5, 2015 Article Curation News Bat Collection Improvement The bat collection at the AMNH (>60,000 specimens) constitutes one of the largest and most important... Blog Post Curator Emeritus Ian Tattersall On New Hominid Fossils Hominid fossils recently unearthed in Kenya provide evidence that the evolutionary line from Homo habilis—the earliest known species... August 9, 2012 Article Dwarf Crocodiles Split Into Three Species FINDING PROVIDES INSIGHT INTO DIMINUTIVE SPECIES ON ISLANDS AND RELATED DEBATES ABOUT SMALL-BODIED HOMINIDSSUCH AS HOMO FLORESIENSIS
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