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Special Exhibition Horse Discover more about horses' history and find out how our two species became powerfully linked. May 17, 2008 — January 4, 2009 Article How We Shaped Horses, How Horses Shaped Us The close relationship between horses and humans has changed us both. People have remade horses, creating dozens of breeds in our...   Biology of the Horse Interactive In this multi-user interactive, visitors can explore and learn how horses, see, hear, digest their food, and about the mechanical... March 12, 2015 Article The Nature of Horses No other animal can match the contributions that horses have made to human civilization. Article Domesticating Horses Today, very few horses are found in the wild--the great majority live among people. We feed and shelter horses, put them to work,... Article Horses and Hunters How did the relationship between horses and people begin? No one knows precisely, but prehistoric evidence from western Europe tells... OLogy Card 292 horse A tiny, two-feet tall horse-like animal scampers through a forest, nibbling on leaves. Educator Materials Make Your Own Horse Stationery Why send an email when you can deliver your message on horseback. Add your name and address—and anything else you want to—to these... Article A Tank On Legs The Horse | American Museum of Natural History Article Whos the Boss? Horses have a strong instinct to form groups in which some horses lead and others follow. Video Multimedia Find out how special adaptations to the horse's legs, digestive system, vision, and hearing give the horse its unique qualities as... Article Warfare For more than 3,000 years, a warrior on horseback or horse-drawn chariot was the ultimate weapon.
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