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Educator Materials Make a Scale Drawing It’s time to excavate the contents of your desk—that is, after you first create a scale drawing of the site. Explore how precise... Interactive Observing Jellies Long ago, people studied jellies by peering over the side of a boat and drawing the creatures as they bobbed nearby. See how much...   Drawings without CD Mss   Blog Post Scientific Illustration at the Museum Before the camera, scientists depended on drawings to replicate the natural world, its flora and fauna, on the printed page. June 23, 2011   Drawings on draft pages of Origin of Species & on other CD Manuscripts   Blog Post Archival Image Treasure Trove Goes Online Some 7,000 archival photographs, rare book illustrations, drawings, notes, letters, and memorabilia that make up a vast visual record... April 21, 2014 Article Keeping a Field Journal 2: Brian Boom Peer into a researcher's field journal, and you'll see science in action. Educator Materials Drawing Dinos Ever wonder how scientists can look at a bunch of bones and draw what a dinosaur looked like? Learn their five-step trick. Then,... Event Animal Drawing Join us for an intensive after-hours drawing course with illustrator and naturalist Patricia Wynne. Eight Thursdays, March 7–April 25, 2019 | Sold Out Educator Materials Shoebox Archaeology How does one generation stack up to the next? Find out why it’s easier for archaeologists to answer this question when a family settles...   Cullman, Georgina   Press Release American Museum of Natural History Internship Program Celebrates 20th Anniversary This summer, while many of their peers are starting traditional, office-based internships, more than 30 local young adults will be... August 1, 2016
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