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Video Earth Day 1970 - 2019: No Time To Waste What's changed since the first Earth Day in 1970? Permanent Hall Rose Center for Earth and Space See exhibits chronicling the ways humanity has explored, measured, and interpreted the universe through the ages. Audio Podcast: SciCafe—Microbial Worlds of the Deep Sea with Jeffrey Marlowe Tiny microbes living in the deep sea have an enormous impact on the health of the oceans and the planet at large. April 18, 2019   Plenary Speakers     What Do You Know About Life on Earth? Test your knowledge about the major groups of life on Earth. Blog Post Digital Playground March 29, 2019: Historic Halls Project Documenting the Historic Halls of AMNH using open source technologies and the importance of Museum Authorities. March 28, 2019 Blog Post April 2019 Programs at the American Museum of Natural History Discover marine microbes at SciCafe or hear special music guest stars at EarthFest. March 28, 2019 Event Member Field Trip to the Moon Join us for a virtual trip to the Moon in the immersive Hayden Planetarium. Feel the ground shake beneath your feet as you experience... Wednesday, May 29, 2019 Event EarthFest Participate in hands-on activities, join special music guest stars on our Main Stage, and celebrate the beautiful planet we call... Saturday, April 13, 2019 Video When will the Sun die? And what will our solar system look like when it happens? Educator Materials Resources For Educators: T.rex: The Ultimate Predator Use these resources to help students engage more deeply with the exhibition content. Blog Post How Did T. rex Get So Big? Everyone knows Tyrannosaurus rex was huge. But what factors helped this tyrannosaur outpace others in size and strength? March 7, 2019
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