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Educator Materials Forecasting Earthquakes Using Paleoseismology Don't let the "paleo" in "paleoseismology" fool you. In the world of earthquakes, "ancient" translates... Article A Comparison of the Bisbee and Morenci, Arizona, Copper Ore Deposits A treasured collection of geologic samples from the Arizona mine where her grandfather worked launched this 7th-graders's interest...   Deep-sea Sediment Core Model The segment of sediment core modeled here shows 3,000 years of changing climate. Exhibit Lake Sediment Core Model This model represents part of a 3.6million year sediment record from far northeastern Siberia, Russia. Article Evidence: Sediment Cores Every year, billions of tons of dead plankton and other marine organisms, dust blown from far-off lands, and river sediment settle... Exhibit Outcrop of glacial sediments Behind these samples is a cast of an outcrop from the Gowganda formation, made up of fine layers of sediment. Exhibit Deep-sea sediment core Around 56 million years ago, thousands of gigaton of carbon entered Earth's atmosphere in roughly 20,000 years, causing global temperatures... OLogy Card 034 sedimentary rocks The next time you're at a beach, grab a handful of sand. This material is sediment. Sediment carried by water and wind is deposited... Exhibit Ancient sediments from Greenland The oldest-known sedimentary rocks on the Earth comprise the 3.8-billion-year-old Isua Sequence of southwestern Greenland. Video Real Exhibits Behind Night at the Museum Movies Visit your favorite movie characters. Article Removing a Dam A river without a dam carries sediment downstream, creating fertile farmland along its banks. A dam, however, traps water and sediment... Blog Post Late-surviving Megafauna Exposed By Ancient Dna In Frozen Soil   November 30, 2009
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