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Exhibit Tardigrade Tardigrades are a large group of animals that includes some of the toughest creatures in the world. OLogy Card 364 tardigrade Bubbling hot springs. Antarctic ice. Deep ocean trenches. The Himalayan peaks. Few organisms can live in any of these places, but... Blog Post Tough Tardigrades These microscopic animals are among nature’s hardiest survivors. That’s why they’re headlining the new exhibition Life at the Limits,... April 1, 2015 Press Release Life at the Limits: Stories of Amazing Species Life at the Limits: Stories of Amazing Species, a new exhibition opening April 4 at the American Museum of Natural History in the... March 31, 2015 Article Tardigrades as Environmental Bio-Indicators Six years ago, the bear-like appearance of these microscopic organisms hooked this 12th-grader from Iowa. Learn how her interest... Article LeFrak Class of the Month Essay Contest - Life at the Limits: Stories of Amazing Species Sample Winning Essays Samples from the wonderful work of students from the winning school of this contest. Special Exhibition Life at the Limits Discover incredible adaptations that allow life to thrive even in the most unlikely places on Earth. April 4, 2015 — January 3, 2016 Article About the Exhibition Life at the Limits: Stories of Amazing Species explores the diverse and sometimes jaw-dropping strategies animals and plants employ... Article What's This? Life at the Limits Discover the many ways that species have evolved to survive – especially in some of the most extreme environments on Earth.   Protect and Prosper From suits of armor to amazingly long lifespans, some species seem, at times to cheat death. Article No Desert Too Dry All living things need water-it's essential for the chemical reactions of life. But some creatures need only a little.   Life at the Limits Educator's Guide  
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