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Programs and Events "Seeing Ethnography" with Zoe Bray University of Nevada anthropologist and artist Zoe Bray will showcase her unusual and innovative style of ethnography by live-painting... OLogy Card 026 Mongolia Mongolia is a large country, a bit smaller than Alaska, in the middle of Asia. Most of its people are Mongolian, although there are... Research 100-Million-Year-Old Amber Preserves Oldest Animal Societies Fighting ants, giant solider termites, and foraging worker ants recently discovered in 100-million-year-old amber provide direct... February 11, 2016 Audio 2016 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: Is the Universe a Simulation? Host and moderator Neil deGrasse Tyson leads a lively discussion about the merits and shortcomings of a provocative new theory. April 8, 2016 Audio 2017 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: De-Extinction Join Neil deGrasse Tyson and a panel of experts for a lively debate about the merits and shortcomings of genetically bringing extinct... March 31, 2017 OLogy Card 253 plate tectonics The Earth is always changing. Mountains form and erode away. Volcanoes erupt and grow larger. Earthquakes shift the land. Oceans... Research 3. Chiconautla Authors: Ananda Cohen, Christina M. Elson Article A Behavioral Test to Examine the Evolution of Color Vision in Vertebrates Did you know birds have better color vision than humans? But what about sheep? This young naturalist used a behavioral assay to compare... Blog Post A Century of T. rex We’re marking a milestone for one of the Museum’s most famous fossils. December 21, 2015 Article A Day at the (Barrier) Beach: My Expedition to Sandy Hook Which has more oxygen: ocean water that has been aerated by turbulence, or bay water that has been fed by oxygen-producing plants?... Blog Post A Fossil Hunt At the Bottom of the World Tens of millions of years ago, the frozen wastes of Antarctica were a temperate zone, thriving with life. Now Museum researchers... September 8, 2016 Blog Post A Landmark Conservation Law from Theodore Roosevelt In 1896, a Museum-led team began excavating ruins of an Ancestral Pueblo settlement in New Mexico’s Chaco Canyon. That work would... October 11, 2012
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