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  Hidden Collections The Archives Project at the American Museum of Natural History. Article Intern and Volunteer Sign up to intern and volunteer for the annual Margaret Mead Film Festival. Planetarium Programs Astronomy Live: Mars in Focus Join Carter Emmart and Irene Pease on a tour of the Mars and examine multiple iconic locations in exquisite detail. Planetarium Programs Astronomy Live: Faster, Higher, Stronger Follow Steve Beyer and Jackie Faherty in search of the greatest velocities, most distant objects, and most energetic stars. Courses and Workshops Science Practices in Darwin’s Garden   Press Release AMNH Paleontologist Melanie Hopkins Awarded National Science Foundation Career Grant Associate Curator Melanie Hopkins has been awarded a prestigious five-year National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER grant to study... April 29, 2019 Permanent Hall Rose Center for Earth and Space See the Hayden Sphere and exhibitions that explore the 13-billion-year history of the universe.   Plenary Speakers   Event Teen SciCafe: Wild Microbes AMNH Scientist Claudia Wultsch, working with the City University of New York, the Gotham Coyote Project and Panthera are tracking... Tuesday, May 28, 2019 Audio Podcast: The Biology of Bias and the Future of Our Species What has science revealed about the truth and misconceptions of bias? April 4, 2019 Blog Post Digital Playground March 29, 2019: Historic Halls Project Documenting the Historic Halls of AMNH using open source technologies and the importance of Museum Authorities. March 28, 2019 Blog Post This Month at the Museum The Museum teems with wildlife, from an ocean babies-themed festival to the final days of The Butterfly Conservatory. May 1, 2019
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