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Interactive Find a Vent Climb aboard this virtual expedition along an unknown stretch of the Pacific Ocean's Juan de Fuca Ridge to see if you can find a... OLogy Card 215 hydrothermal vents Imagine you are a marine biologist, traveling far beneath the ocean surface in a submersible. Exhibit Microbes around vents Microbes are at the base of the food chain. Exhibit Deep-sea vents and ore deposits Some ore deposits now exposed on land originally formed in the oceans. Educator Materials Deep Sea Vents Do your students think the age of exploration is over? Show them the shocking truth: the age of exploration has barely just begun... Exhibit Life at the hydrothermal vents The floor of the deep ocean is almost devoid of life, because little food can be found there. Article Hydrothermal Vent Formation Submarine hot springs, called hydrothermal vents, spew out mineral-rich hot water. What do scientists hope to learn by tracking the... Exhibit Hydrothermal Vent Colony The deepest parts of the ocean would present extreme challenges for most forms of life. Interactive Journey to Deep Sea Vents Journey thousands of meters below sea level to examine the underwater geysers that spew hot, mineral-rich water from beneath the... Article Deep Sea Vents Web List Want to dive deeper into the study of deep sea vents? Tour an active submarine volcano, ride the "Global Conveyor Belt for Heat,"... Article Deep Sea Vents Reading List From the discovery of the Titanic to the undersea riches of black smokers, a number of magazine articles have taken a close look... OLogy Card 186 giant tubeworms Some of Earth's oddest creatures live around deep-sea hydrothermal (hot water) vents. These vents spew plumes of hot, mineral-rich...
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