Meet the Scientists

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These videos segments and text passages with discussion questions (listed below) provide a case study of the Cary Institute scientists at work on the river and in their labs. You can watch the video segments and read the passages to help answer the discussion questions. There is also a 7-minute video documentary feature of the Cary Institute scientists’ work.

Passage One: An Unwelcome Newcomer (Teacher | Student)
Part 2: Observation (3:29) [download]
Passage Two: Zebra Mussels and the Hudson River (Teacher | Student)
Part 3: Results (4:16) [download]
Passage Three: The Short-Term Impact of the Zebra Mussel Invasion (Teacher | Student)
Part 4: Going Further (2:55) [download]
Passage Four: Long-Term Monitoring of the Hudson River (Teacher | Student)
Documentary Feature (7:39) [download]