Wonders of the Arctic

Set in the frozen wilderness at the top of the world, Wonders of the Arctic tells the story of survival in one of the most unforgiving environments on Earth, dominated by a single element: ice. Majestic yet dangerous, life-giving yet treacherous, ice affects the fortunes of every living creature in this frosted frontier.

Panoramic expanse of snow-covered mountains in the Arctic.

Explore the snowy peaks of Bylot Island in Wonders of the Arctic.

© D. Lickley

In this glittering world of ice and snow, polar bears tussle, huskies howl, and narwhals dive within the turquoise waters. For thousands of years, the Inuit and their predecessors have adapted and thrived in the beautiful yet harsh environment highlighted in Wonders of the Arctic. Today, their survival has inspired scientists to conduct intense research and answer troubling questions about life in this fragile and largely uninhabited landscape. Through compelling stories told by scientists and Inuit leaders, award-winning filmmaker David Lickley takes audiences on a journey across one of the most beautiful and frigid places on earth, exploring how humans and animals have adapted and thrived for thousands of years in the vast ice wilderness of the Arctic. 

Captioning devices are available. Please ask a staff member. 

Wonders of the Arctic is a co-production of Science North and Giant Screen Films; major funding for the film was provided by Raglan Mine (a Glencore Company) and the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation.


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Wonders of the Arctic