Part of the Beyond Planet Earth: The Future of Space Exploration exhibition.

MadaTech: The Israel National Museum of Science, Haifa

As Israel's premier institution for science education, MadaTech: the Israel National Museum of Science, Technology & Space enhances science literacy among Israelis of all ages and fosters a love of science among children and youth of all backgrounds, cultivating excellence and motivating them to pursue higher education and careers in the sciences. Established in Haifa, in 1986, MadaTech is currently celebrating 25 years of Excellence in Science Education. The Museum caters to over 500,000 Israelis every year, over 100,000 of them students—including through outreach activities. Its over 650 interactive exhibits, housed in 20 exhibition halls, illustrate science and technology concepts and include topics such as green energy, genomics, acoustics, aviation and much more; while its annual blockbuster traveling exhibitions highlight cutting-edge scientific issues. The just-opened, world-class Noble Energy Science Park comprises six thematic courtyards that present the thinking and work of noted scientists, such as Archimedes, Leonardo Da Vinci and Sir Isaac Newton, who altered the world and our perceptions of it.

MadaTech's CinematriX - 3D Smart Theatre engages all senses simultaneously, through specially-made science films. The Museum serves as Israel's National Archives of Historic Technological Instruments, offering 4,000 instruments and implements for display and exhibition.