Climate Change Online Resources

Resources for Educators

From the American Museum of Natural History
  • Climate Change: A Threat to Life and A New Energy Future
    Access the exhibition text and images before or after your visit.
  • Climate Change for Educators
    Find free online resources, including an Educator's Guide, activities, interactives, essays, and reference lists.
  • Climate Change OLogy
    In the Museum's website for kids, you can explore big ideas about climate change and energy use, find energy-saving tips, build a terrarium, and more.
  • Science Bulletins
    Through videos and interactives, learn about current research into melting ice and rising sea levels. Click on the "Climate Change" tab at the top right.
Additional Web Links
  • AAAS: Global Climate Change Resources
    Find climate science news, which includes links to many helpful resources, including the "Climate Change Town Hall: Communicating and Learning About Global Climate Change."
  • EPA: Create a Climate for Action
    Become informed about a range of environmental issues, participate in the Greenservationists , and learn how to take action in your community.
  • EPA: Environmental Kids Club
    Kids can explore animations of how our Earth's systems (carbon and water cycles) work, as well as some simple games to test their knowledge.
  • EPA: Personal Emission Calculator
    Use this online calculator to estimate their or their family's rate of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • NASA: Goddard Institute for Space Studies: Institute on Climate and Planets
    These lessons and modules are driven by fundamental questions and topics scientists deal with in climate and environmental research.
  • National Geographic: A Way Forward: Facing Climate Change
    Explore the impact of climate change and learn what scientists suggest in response in this short documentary film. Also explore other videos related to climate change.
  • NOAA Education
    Find useful information for use in the classroom or as background reference material. Topics include: weather, climate, oceans, and coasts.
  • NOAA: Global Warming Frequently Asked Questions
    Frequently asked questions about global warming are answered here.
  • NOAA: Paleoclimatology
    Explore how scientists collect climatic data from the past, before the days of the thermometer, barometer, rain gauge, and other weather instruments.

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