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Online Darwin Resources for Adults

Part of the Darwin exhibition.

American Association for the Advancement of Science. Evolution on the Front Line
The AAAS has played a prominent role in supporting the teaching of evolution in public school science classrooms. This page lists background materials on the controversy and links to AAAS resources on evolution.

University of California Museum of Paleontology. Understanding Evolution
Subtitled "Your one-stop source for information on evolution," this site enables you to browse by topics such as "How does evolution work?" and "What is the evidence for evolution?" Profiles, news stories, and activities for kids explore the topic in different ways.

National Center for Science Education
The National Center for Science Education defends the teaching of evolution in public schools. This site provides: reviews of current anti-evolution activity; the history of the creation/evolution controversy, including the "Intelligent Design" movement; and resources for parents, teachers, school boards, and the general public.

PBS Evolution Series Website
This online guide to the series is organized around seven topics: Darwin, Change, Extinction, Survival, Sex, Humans, and Religion. An Evolution Library offers a way to browse the collection by topic, as well as Frequently Asked Questions about evolution and a Glossary. Short videos address topics such as the nature of science, the nature of the evolution controversy, and why evolution matters today.

BIOME: The UKs Gateway to High Quality Internet Resources Relating to the Natural World - Evolution Topic
This is a free catalogue of hand-selected, up-to-date online resources about the natural world, coordinated by London's Natural History Museum. Extensive subject listings make the catalogue easy to browse.

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