Dinosaurs Among Us

The evolution of life on Earth is full of amazing episodes. But one story that really captures the imagination is the transition from the familiar, charismatic dinosaurs that dominated the planet for around 170 million years into a new, small, airborne form: birds.

The fossil record of this story grows richer by the day. So rich, in fact, that the boundary between the animals we call birds and the animals we traditionally called dinosaurs is now practically obsolete. In this special exhibition, visitors will discover how the dinosaurs’ extraordinary story continues today.

Exhibition Highlights

Dinosaur Feathers

Dinosaur Feathers

Scientists think that many dinosaur species sported primitive feathers—precursors to those birds use to fly, court mates, and more.

Dinosaur Brains and Lungs

Dinosaur Brains and Lungs

New technology is revealing that the physiology and anatomy of dinosaurs and birds are more alike than once thought. 

Dinosaurs Among Us is curated by Mark Norell, Macaulay Curator and Chair of the Division of Paleontology.

The Museum gratefully acknowledges the Richard and Karen LeFrak Exhibition and Education Fund.

Dinosaurs Among Us is proudly supported by Chase Private Client.

Additional support is generously provided by Dana and Virginia Randt.

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Dinosaurs Among Us