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Bambiraptor and Birds

Part of the Dinosaurs: Ancient Fossils, New Discoveries exhibition.

The idea that birds are living dinosaurs has been accepted by most paleontologists for some time. But the discovery of Bambiraptor has led to some intriguing new ideas about the strong links between birds and dinosaurs. Bambiraptor was probably covered in feathers and its skeleton was almost identical to that of a modern bird.

Feathered Family

Bambiraptor belongs to the group of dinosaurs called dromaeosaurs, which are very closely related to modern birds. Dromaeosaurs had feathers and other features like hollow bones that are used in flight. But these dinosaurs could not fly because their arms were too short to function as wings. Features like feathers and hollow bones evolved first in dinosaurs that lived on the ground or climbed trees. These traits were only later used for flight. Scientists now think that modern birds are very closely related to the family of dinosaurs known as dromaeosaurs, which includes Bambiraptor.


  • S-shaped NECK
  • pubis bone in HIP points backward
  • V-shaped WISHBONE
  • folding ARMS
  • three primary toes on FEET