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Resources For Educators: Gold

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GOLD examines the science and cultural influence of civilization’s most sought-after mineral. This comprehensive guide will help you explore the exhibition with your students.

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Use these free online resources to extend your students' investigation of the science and cultural influence of the precious metals discussed in the GOLD exhibition.

hands-on Grow Rock Candy No matter where you find mineral salt—on your table or at the beach—you'll see its unique cube-shaped crystals. Take a sweet look... story All About Jade Jade has been used by people around the world for thousands of years—first to make tools, later to create precious works of art.... game + story The Amazing Mundo Mundo Shamundo! With the help of these magic words, the Amazing Mundo can literally reverse the sands of time. Watch him transform... Article All That Glitters (Science World) Did you know that all of the mined gold in the world could easily fit inside your school's gym? Find out what it takes to turn this... Article All That Glitters (SuperScience) Did you know miners must dig up and process as many as 30 tons of rock to make a single gold ring? Take a dazzling look at how gold... Educator Materials GOLD Online Resources Explore the McLaughlin gold mine in Northern California. See the first metal coins, which were created in the Middle East around... Educator Materials GOLD Booklist for Kids How does gold form and what does it take to extract it from the earth? You'll find everything from colorful field guides to tales... Educator Materials GOLD Books for Adults Experience the California Gold Rush. Examine gold in its pure and refined forms. And find out how gold has shaped civilizations throughout... Educator Materials GOLD Glossary What is the gold standard? How does an alloy differ from a compound? And what happens when a metal tarnishes? Find out with this...