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Explore the free resources below to learn more about the topics in The Horse before and after your visit.

Additional resources are available for educators.

The Horse

Beautiful Breeds

Did you know that there are more than 200 breeds of horses living today? Explore amazing facts about horse breeds. Find out about their colors, body types, the different jobs they do, and where in the world they come from.

Meet a Zooarchaeologist

Do you dream of a career studying horses? If so, you'll want to meet Sandra Olsen, a zooarchaeologist who has been learning about how humans domesticated wild horses.

What Do You Know About Horses?

How much do you really know about horses? Test your equine knowledge with this interactive quiz. Don't worry, there's no grading, --just a helpful look at the answers when you're done!

Horse Gaits Flipbooks: Walk, Trot, and Gallop!

How many hooves of a trotting horse leave the ground at the same time? What about a walking horse or a galloping horse? Find out by making these photographic flipbooks.

Dress Up a Horse

Throughout time, people have dressed horses in different ways, --sometimes for practical reasons, other times to reflect status or wealth. Explore the styles of horse dress from six world cultures.

The Last Wild Horse: The Return of Takhi to Mongolia

Wild takhi horses, which once roamed freely across Asia and Europe, were extinct by the late 1960s. Learn how two international programs have brought these free-roaming herds back to Mongolia.

The Horse Stationery

Why send an email when you can deliver your message on horseback. Add your name and address --and anything else you want to--to these colorful stationery files.

Artifact Collections

Searchable databases that include horse-related artifacts.

African Ethnography Collection

This collection of artifacts from the continent of Africa was started in 1869, the same year the museum opened. Today, it contains more than 38,000 objects that you can view online.

Asian Ethnography Collection

Search our collection of more than 58,000 Asian artifacts to find everything from abacuses to zithers. Even if an object is not currently on display, you can see it online anytime.

North American Ethnography Collection

Every Native American cultural region in North America is represented in this artifact collection, making it an irreplaceable national treasure. Browse the more than 50,000 artifacts online.

Reference Lists

The Horse Booklist for Kids

From a ride on the famed Pony Express to a pop-up guide for young equestrians, these kid-friendly titles bring to life the enduring relationship between humans and horses.

The Horse Booklist for Adults

From detailed examinations of how the horse shaped human civilization to the heartbreaking story of Barbaro and his jockey, learn more about equine history.

The Horse Online Resources

Continue exploring the enduring bond between horses and humans with this collection of Web sites.