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Part of the Journey to the Stars exhibition.

Catch a Booming, Blazing Star 
by Dennis Overbye
New York Times , July 2, 2009
"Journey is easily the most beautiful planetarium show I have ever seen"

Space Show Takes Viewers on a Stellar Journey 
By Saswato R. Das
Scientific American , July 3, 2009
"As moviegoers make plans to watch summer blockbusters this weekend, there is an additional choice for New Yorkers: Journey to the Stars"

We Are All Made of Stars: Amazing Photos From Journey to the Stars 
By Caroline Hirsch
National Geographic Adventure Blog , July 1, 2009
"...more than just the narration, it is the visuals that will blow you away..."

My God, It’s Full of Stars: "Journey to the Stars," "Nova Now" both debut this week.
By Robert Haynes-Peterson
Halogen Life , July 1, 2009
"..the opportunity to gaze far into the past and far into the future of the Universe is unparalleled.."

'Heavenly’ New 'Journey to the Stars’ Show Opens at New York’s Hayden Planetarium 
By Adam Phillips , July 10, 2009
"The dramatic original music in the "Journey to the Stars" show complements the exploding supernovas, star clusters and other stellar images projected on the planetarium's dome, all of which are based on precise mathematical models and actual astronomical observations."