Los Angeles

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    • The journey to the Earth 

      How did these rocks from Mars end up on Earth? Only one thing could send a piece of rock flying out fast enough to escape Mars's gravity: an asteroid or comet slamming into Mars. Mars's gravity is about one-third as strong as Earth's, and its atmosphere is about 125 times thinner, so it is easier to eject a rock from Mars than from Earth. After orbiting the Sun for more than a million years, some of the ejected pieces eventually struck Earth as meteorites.

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      Found October 30 1999, Los Angeles County, California, USA


      AMNH 5013

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    • Topic: Astronomy

      Subtopic: Planets

      Keywords: Meteorites, Astrophysics, Mars (Planet)--Atmosphere, Astrogeology, Asteroids

      Audience: General