Silver Bracelets

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    • The silver used on the Northwest Coast came from United States silver dollars.

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      Catalog No: 16 / 643
      Culture: HAIDA
      Locale: BC
      Country: CANADA
      Dimensions: L:5.5 W:1 [in CM]
      Subject: FISH
      Acquisition Year: 1869-1890 [GIFT]
      Donor: BISHOP, HEBER R.

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      Catalog No: E/ 2462
      Culture: HAIDA
      Locale: BC, HAIDA GWAII
      Country: CANADA
      Material: METAL (SILVER ALLOY)
      Dimensions: L:5.8 W:3.5 [in CM]
      Subject: BEAVER
      Acquisition Year: 1894 [EXPEDITION]
      Donor: EMMONS, GEORGE T., LT.

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