Cedarbark mats

  • Exhibition Text

    • Mats were woven of cedarbark. Baskets were woven or twined of cedarbark or spruce root. In the weaving technique, a single weft element passes alternately over and under the warps giving a checkerboard effect. If the weft passes over and under two or three warps at a time, the technique is called plaiting and can be used to give a variety of diamond and herringbone effects. The twining technique uses a pair of weft elements, one of which is passed over the warp and the other underneath.

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  • Collection Information

    • Catalog No: 16 / 2000 Field No: 5
      Culture: Nuu-chah-nulth, CLAYOQUATH
      Country: CANADA
      Dimensions: L:81 W:66 [in CM]
      Acquisition Year: 1897 [EXPEDITION]
      Donor: JACOBSEN, F.

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