Model: ice core

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    • Three 1-meter lengths from a core that penetrated through the entire 3,022-meter-thick Greenland Ice Sheet. This core holds a detailed record of climate for the last 115,000 years. Records such as this are important for understanding how the Earth’s climate works.

      Left core sample

      Depth: 2,708 meters

      Age: 88,670 B.C.


      Middle core sample

      Depth: 1,689 meters

      Age: 10,075 B.C.


      Right core sample

      Depth: 1,325.5 meters

      Age: 5671 B.C.

      Provided by the Greenland Ice Sheet Project 2, National Science Foundation.

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    • Topic: Earth Science

      Subtopic: Climate/Climate Change

      Keywords: Climatology, Climatic changes--Observations, Greenland, Ice cores, Ice sheets

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