Making new rocks from old

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    • Metamorphism is the process by which rocks re-crystallize into new combinations of minerals in response to changing temperature, pressure, and exposure to hot, reactive fluids. The rocks’ texture and grain size are usually altered as well. Metamorphic rocks are created deep in the roots of mountains. Geologists study these rocks to learn more about mountain building and how the Earth’s crust evolves.

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    • Topic: Earth Science

      Subtopic: Mountain Building

      Keywords: Metamorphic rocks, Orogeny, Metamorphism (Geology)

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Metamorphic rock

Metamorphic rock

The transformation of one rock to another by heat, pressure, and reactive fluids is the process of metamorphism.

Transformed rocks

Transformed rocks

Working in the Scottish Highlands, the geologist G. M. Barrow discovered in 1893 that an extensive layer of rock, once a uniform sediment, shows progressive transformation of its mineral content.