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Gems that are transparent, like these sapphires, are normally faceted.

Sapphire Al2O3

1. Padparadschah Sapphire (100 carats)
This uniquely hued sapphire from Sri Lanka, whose name means “lotus flower” in Sinhalese, may be the finest fancy sapphire in the world.

2. Green Fancy Sapphire (47 carats)
An exceptionally fine deep-green sapphire from Australia. The term “fancy” describes any sapphire not blue in hue.

3. Yellow Fancy Sapphire (100 carats)
A well-cut fancy yellow sapphire of exceptional color and brilliance from Sri Lanka.

4. Large-Faceted Sapphires (various carat weights)
A fine assortment of blue and violet sapphires from Sri Lanka. The three gems in the second row are very large, weighing 188, 162, and 154 carats respectively.

5. Fancy Yellow Sapphires (various carat weights)
Perhaps the finest collection of fancy yellow sapphires in a museum. The gems in the second row weigh 151 and 112 carats respectively. The 112 carat gem was donated in honor of Charles Zucker.

6. Montana Sappires (various carat weights)
A series of fine blue, emerald-cut sapphires from Yogo Gulch, Montana highlight this unique collection. Complementing the blue gems is an assortment of green, yellow, and pink stones from Coal Creek, Montana. Two Yogo stones, a pear-shaped and a brilliant-cut (2nd and 3rd from right on horizontal spoke) are on loan from William E. Heierman.

7. Sri Lanka Sapphires (various carat weights)
These gems, weighing from 1–21.45 carats, were mined in the gem gravels of Sri Lanka. They were probably cut and polished by native craftsmen, who cut them to yield the largest possible stone.