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From the American Museum of Natural History:

  • OLogy

    Explore the Museum's website for kids for information and activities on genetics, paleontology, biodiversity, and more. Look for these features: the Gene Scene, Archaeology: Clues from the Past, What’s This?, and Tree of Life.

  • Science Bulletins

    Science Bulletins’ documentary features, biweekly news stories, and data visualizations report on current paleontological finds, discoveries about human genetics and the brain, and human health issues in the Spitzer Hall of Human Origins. The website presents additional stories on astrophysics, Earth Science, and biodiversity research, all with supporting educator resources. Science Bulletins can help foster understanding that science research is an ongoing process and build an appreciation for the tools of science.

  • Science Explorations Web Quests

    With the Hall of Human Origins Web Quest, students can go on a virtual field trip to the Museum to explore further the diorama scenes in the Hall, then go behind the scenes to learn how these “windows on nature” are created.

Teaching Evolution:

  • American Association for the Advancement of Science: Evolution on the Front Line

    The AAAS has played a prominent role in supporting the teaching of evolution in public school science classrooms. This page lists background materials on the issues and links to AAAS resources on evolution.

  • Evolution and the Nature of Science Institutes

    A collection of lessons and teaching units on evolution, the origin of life, genetics, and the nature of science for high school level biology classes, authored by a team of university professors. The lessons offer tips and techniques to address student misconceptions in the classroom.

  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute: Biointeractive on Evolution

    Video and slides of a popular lecture series by HHMI investigators on Darwin’s impact are accessible here, as well as related articles and in-depth animations on evolution.

  • National Center for Science Education

    The National Center for Science Education defends the teaching of evolution in public schools. The site includes resources for parents, teachers, school boards, and the general public.

  • National Science Teachers Association

    Resources on this site include an Evolution Q&A, the NSTA Position Statement on teaching evolution, evolution headlines, an evolution archiv